Our Atlanta Get Away

During the holidays my wife and I decided we wanted a taste of the south so we planned a two week trip to Atlanta, Georgia. We made it a point to try out the eats a different cafe daily but for some reason or another I consistently found myself gravitating to a Cuban restaurant located on Ponce De Leon Avenue called Papis as I was keenly interested in their weekend special which consisted of a fried fish dish accompanied by savory beans and rice as well as the traditional sweet plantains. I tried to go there the next day but unfortunately there was a burst water pipe from a business next door and had caused some severe water damage inside my favorite Atlanta restaurant. While I was there, I spoke to a native Atlantan who happened to be the owner of 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta, the water repair service that was cleaning up my favorite local  eatery. I really must find a spot in D.C that properly serves this delicacy.

While visiting Atlanta, Georgia I did gain a few pounds, who wouldn’t? I was however able to drop what I gained thanks to Arden’s Garden. Arden’s Garden is a juice bar which I am fond of, their shots of wheatgrass, lemon, cranberry juice and ginger, which they call ‘The Grand Slam” is a must have shot choice for me. I have come to learn that only one ounce of wheatgrass contains that same amount of nutritional value as let’s say one and a half pounds of fresh organic vegetables.

After a full night’s rest which we were able to naturally arise from we felt healthy, energetic and happy; ready to explore what this lovely town has to offer. Until the end of our trip the weather was perfect, i didn’t even have to wear a coat.

One down side to Atlanta is that everything is so far apart meaning that without a car you are not getting anywhere but as we went from place to place to explore and visit family and friend we were able to enjoy the wonderful deep southern music Georgia is famous for.

A highlight of this trip was being able to meet some aerial dancers while at a New Year’s house party, it was a blast especially since I tried trapezing myself.

The one cultural thing about Atlanta that did not bode well with me was the level of commercialism although it is great that everything is new yet inexpensive, shopping is in one area and on a first floor. I did however reminisce about the community shops in Washington D.C which have apartments neatly placed above the stores.

Our capital is past with historical location but the glamour and distinctive shopping in Atlanta is one of a kind. It was amazing how little you have to spend on fuel and meals while experiencing the joys and thrills Atlanta, Georgia has to offer.

While there I procured a prayer necklace I was really drawn to known as a Rudraksha Mala, I have since mastered its use for meditation on my future life intentions; although we left the beautiful city of Atlanta I have brought with me to DC all I hold I hold dear about A-Town.

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