Top Travel Destinations in the United States

So you’re planning your next vacation to the United States of America. The U.S boasts of diverse attractions and cities, ranging from offbeat small towns to big cities, mountainous regions to beautiful lowlands, beaches to national parks and many others. Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation travel, the region has a plethora of outstanding destinations to make your trip memorable. Because of its vast nature, many travelers usually misses the opportunity of accessing the most of these destinations. The following is a list of the 5 top travel destinations in the United States.

United States travel

Yellow Stone

Yellow Stone attracts more than three million guest local and international guests yearly. It’s actually a paradise to every outdoor enthusiast, thanks to its pristine lakes and dramatic mountain peaks. A visit to the Yellow Stone, Mammoth Hot springs or Old Faithful will spice up your experience at Yellow Stone. Mammoth Hot Springs has volatile geysers that launch steaming water up the sky. Around the hot spring, there are multicolored beautiful pools. The destination boasts of unspoiled natural beauty, with its authentic forests providing accommodation for the permanent occupants like buffaloes, grizzlies, and elk.

Los Angeles

A visit to the United States is not complete without a vacation to Los Angles. Vibrant multicultural neighborhoods qualify Los Angles to feature in the America’s list of the top tourist destination. It is a trend-setting global metropolitan region, boasting of international celebrities. Experience a blend of great history and diverse cultural heritage in the world’s Entertainment Capital. The region boasts of famous beaches such as Santa Monica and Malibu, both have a sunny coastline.

New York City

Also referred to as “Big Apple” among the natives and some travelers, New York City is a favorite destination for both domestic and international travelers. It is ranked America’s most popular city. Experience a vibrant culture in a cool and crowded cosmopolitan with a blend of a small town lifestyle and city splendor. The city has a perfect cultural mix, with plenty of beautiful art collections, different restaurants serving varied cuisines. Gotham’s towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks offer a great cultural experience. Experience the true urban lifestyle with plenty of cocktail bars, hypermarkets, bakeries and others. Time Square has beautiful flickering neon lights keeps the town lively all the time. Check out Indie boutiques in Brooklyn and East Village.


A visit to Chicago will keep your eyes busy. The destination has several thriving art sceneries and eateries. You’ll keep admiring the Chicago’s public arts and skyscrapers or take a trip to the Millennium Park. From Chicago’s architectural tour, top-notch museums, and various pizza outlets you’ll enjoy your stay at Chicago. The town is transforming into an architectural hub.

Washington, DC

The U.S capital city provides a perfect blend of culture and entertainment, thanks to its interesting neighborhoods and renowned museums. Washington, DC is among the most visited cities in the United States, especially by school groups and families. It is home to the president of the United States of America. Take a trip to the Whitehouse with your family or friends or visit renowned museums and interesting neighborhoods. The city has plenty of free monuments and museums, which attracts both local and international visitors. It offers outstanding accommodation facilities such as world class restaurants, five-star hotels, and iconic clubs.

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